We believe that living spaces require maximum aesthetics and energy efficiency. Our products, glass elements and entrance doors, are becoming increasingly important within our homes; the goal is to have maximum continuity between indoor and outdoor environments, not giving up on total safety. The strengths of our creations are: the thin profiles, the highest structural quality and the high design design, all of which allow us to offer our customers innovative architectural solutions.


To achieve certain levels of excellence, we use technologically advanced management and monitoring tools. Furthermore, in our TEAM we make use of technicians and professionals, competent and always up to date, who work safely and provide complete assistance to customers.


The material we use the most is aluminum. The long-lasting characteristics of this material and the possibility of being 100% recycled without loss of quality have contributed to its definition of ‘green material’. The extraordinary strength, combined with the anti-corrosion properties and the low maintenance characteristics required, make aluminum the most eco-sustainable material in construction.



Foundation of the company by R. and G. Quintiliani (snc) and two collaborators to produce aluminum and steel windows.


Transformation into SRL and transfer to a production site of 1200 square meters with 6 collaborators and start of a commercial network.


Transfer to the current headquarters and start of production of panoramic systems and change of commercial network, with the start of production and distribution of the Hi-Finity product.


Start of the production of large-sized Pivot doors, consolidation on the national market and installation teams, training courses for partners, entrusting the sale in the neighboring area to professionals in the sector, start of production of thermal minimal aluminum windows, 25 employees with average age 36 years old.


Consolidation of the commercial network with partners in Italy and abroad (Switzerland and France) with Minergie certified products.


Development of the new HI-DOOR product, pivot or hinged entrance doors, characterized by a unique and sophisticated design, ideal for enhancing the finest living spaces.

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